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Product overview
CRAYVALLAC® WW-9500 is a 35% active dispersion of modified polypropylene wax in water. The low viscosity and high active content of this dispersion together with freedom from dust assist the efficiency of manufacturing processes.CRAYVALLAC® WW-9500 provides the formulator with the means of controlling the frictional characteristics of a coating as well as enhancing its surface protection properties.CRAYVALLAC® WW-9500 is readily disperse into coating formulations using a variety of techniques. It also retards the; settlement of pigments and assists in their re-dispersion. The use of pre-dispersed waxes, such as CRAYVALLAC® WW-9500, avoids the inconveniences commonly associated with micronised powders. Dispersions by nature are also easier and more efficient to incorporate as they require less intensive processing.
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