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Product overview
CRAYVALLAC® PC is a micronised hydrogenated castor oil derivative surface enhancing additive for powder coatings based on PRIMID, hybrid and TGIC technologies. CRAYVALLAC® PC is easily incorporated using conventional pre-mixing techniques prior to extrusion. The use of CRAYVALLAC® PC leads to a substantial improvement in the appearance of the final cured powder coating. This improvement is due to CRAYVALLAC® PC enhancing the flow, levelling and degassing processes during cure. This is the result of CRAYVALLAC® PC greatly reducing the melt viscosity during this critical levelling stage in the cure cycle. This viscosity reduction also enhances the performance of other additives such as acrylic levelling agents and the degassing agent benzoin. CRAYVALLAC® PC works well in both clear and pigmented powder coating systems based on PRIMID, Hybrid and TGIC technologies.
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