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Product overview
CRAYVALLAC® PA5 XSR 25 is a pre-activated amide wax dispersed in xylene. CRAYVALLAC® PA5 XSR 25 is an alcohol-free version of polyamide paste such as PA3 X 20 with an enhanced robustness to extended high speed dispersion. It is a rheology modifier in paste form for solvent-based industrial coatings, industrial wood finishes, protective and marine coatings. The use of CRAYVALLAC® PA5 XSR 25 provides a very simple and direct means of introducing shear-thinning rheology with thixotropic viscosity recovery to coating formulations. CRAYVALLAC® PA5 XSR 25 is a pre-activated amide paste and exists in the form of crystalline fibres. In a coating system, these fibres form an interacting network. It is this fibrous network that gives rise to the shear-thinning rheology of the final coating.
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