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Product overview
CRAYVALLAC® PA3 S 12 is a pre-activated amide wax dispersed in a mixture of styrene and alcohols. It is a rheology modifier in paste form for post addition in UPR, gelcoats and wood coatings. The use of CRAYVALLAC® PA3 S 12 provides a very simple and direct means of introducing shear thinning rheology with thixotropic viscosity recovery to these systems.CRAYVALLAC® PA3 S 12 is also a very cost efficient alternative to organoclays, and can also be used in combination with fumed silicas and organoclays.CRAYVALLAC® PA3 S 12 is a pre-activated amide paste and provides shear-thinning characteristic resulting with a very high viscosity under the low shear rates associated with sedimentation, and a low viscosity at the much higher application shear rates. The net result is excellent control of sedimentation combined with ease of application. Immediately following application, where low shear conditions again predominate, the coating’s viscosity undergoes with controlled thixotropy that enables the final coating to attain very good levelling.
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