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Product overview
CRAYVALLAC®LV is a high performance, micronised amide wax rheology modifier suitable for very high-solids and solvent-free applications.CRAYVALLAC® LV overcomes those difficulties which exist with hydrogenated castor oil based rheology modifiers e.g. seeding and false-body. Consequently, coatings formulated using CRAYVALLAC® LV exhibit an enhanced performance such as controlled flow behavior, ease of application and excellent sag resistance. Its very high efficiency even when activated allows to reach very strong shear thinning that can result either in very high sag resistance or interresting balance between viscosity and sag resistance. Therefore CRAYVALLAC® LV is for instance highly recommended in the case of solvent free coatings with relatively low viscosity. It prevents the use of specific equipment for the application that are necessary with more viscous solvent-free coatings.
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