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Product overview
CRAYVALLAC® Flow-400 is used to improve flow and eliminate air entrapment, orange peel, pinholes, craters and other surface defects. It is an additive based on Acrylate technology to provide excellent ageing resistance to coatings. CRAYVALLAC® Flow-400 is also used as an adhesion promoter additive with excellent performance. CRAYVALLAC® Flow-400 is soluble in many solvents such as ketones, aromatics, mineral spirits, esters, glycol ethers and chlorinated hydrocarbons. CRAYVALLAC® Flow-400 is easily incorporated into formulations due to its wide compatibility and good solubility in most solvents. In Powder coatings, it is recommended to introduce the CRAYVALLAC® Flow-400 by hot blend or even dry blend. The method of incorporating CRAYVALLAC® Flow-400 into coating formulation does not affect the performance of the coating as long as it is uniformly dispersed in the system. This can be achieved by thoroughly mixing it with the other paint ingredients or by master batching the product in a base resin.
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