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Product overview
CRAYVALLAC® FLOW-100 is a high performance polyacrylate surface tension modifier for the control of coating surface properties. CRAYVALLAC® FLOW-100 is suitable for use in a wide range of solvent based systems and applications.CRAYVALLAC® FLOW-100 has been developed specifically to enhance substrate wetting and to improved leveling for solvent-based, high-solids, solvent-free and powder coatings. This high performance product functions primarily by reducing the surface energy of the coating to give enhanced substrate wetting and an improvement to flow and leveling. The following benefits are to be gained by using CRAYVALLAC® FLOW-100 when compared with unadditivated coating : film defects such as craters, fisheyes, orange peel and pinholes are reduced where a superior orverall appearance of the film is visible with no degradation of the exterior durability.
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